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What is an Amstrad PCW?

PCW Today is proud to support all PCWs. Amstrad launched the first PCW, the 8256, back in 1985. Since then there have been a further six models, with the latest being the PcW 16, which was discontinued in 1998.

PCWs are different to other computers like PCs and Macs. They all operate round the same processor, the good old Z80. The original PCWs operate under CP/M while programs such as LocoSript, MicroDesign and Protext have become famous.

The users of the PCW tend to be a unique band as well. We have to take stick from PC and Mac users and because of this there is quite a community spirit between users. As a massed force, PCWers can still carry some influence. There are believed to be around 200,000 PCWs still in use, including 30,000 of the new PcW 16s.

There is still a large amount of software and hardware being actively produced and sold for the PCWs. Despite what many will have you believe, the PCW is far more than just a word-processor and it is certainly not obsolete.

With your PCW you can play games, organise accounts, draw pictures and graphs. The list goes on.

So if you're new to the PCW or an established user, stick with it. There is a lot more support available, than the salesmen will have you believe. And PCW Today will keep you up to date with all of it!