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PCW World Wide Web Links

The brand new PCW Today Forum
Pay it a visit and have your say or ask a question!
Ian Macdonald's Home Page
The first and best PCW internet site - sadly no longer updated
Ron's Amstrad PCW Page
A great Amstrad PCW site with loads of repair information and more
John King's Amstrad PCW Page
PCW spares, parts, software and machines. Plus the British Amstrad PCW Club
John Elliott's CP/M Page
Home of the best PC and PcW 16 CP/M emulators
John Elliott's PCW Page
A selection of links and FAQs
Amstrad Oficial Home Page
Amstrad have loads of information on all PCWs
Cliff Lawson's unofficial Amstrad site
Excellent source of information - includes a great question and answers section
LocoScript Software
The online catalogue of LocoScript Software
SD MicroSystems
The leading suppliers of PCW software and hardware - owners of the LocoScript brand
The Amstrad 8-Bit discussion group
Post a question here and someone is bound to have an answer for you
Kathleen Thorpe's general interest site
PCW Today writer Kathleen now has her own web page
PCW Joyce Computer Club
Holland's own PCW club - site written in English
Joyce User AG
The German PCW club - site can be viewed in German or English
Ansible Information
Home of Today columnist and Ansible Index supremo - David Langford
Mapej Data Transfer Service
Transfer information between computers including the PCW
Dave the Disk Doctor
The Disk Doc has sadly shut up shop. But there's still plenty of info on the site
PcW 16 Storm
A great site dedicated to the PcW 16 - voted No. 1 by PCW Today readers
PcW 16 Magazine Online
The online version of the '16 magazine - rarely if ever updated
Unofficial PcW 16 Club
The only online PcW 16 club
The PCW16ers
Lee Jackson's rarely updated PcW 16 site
Pinboard Computers
PCW drives/spares/repairs and just about anything else you'd care to think of!
Rhichard Fairhurst's PCW hardware reference guide
Manufacturers of the PCW Z80 chip
Christian Computer Art
MicroDesign ClipArt for church magazines
Emulation Net
Joyce Emulator for the Apple Mac
Bemish Business Machines
Amstrad spares and repairs
Anlaby Computer Services
Repairs and disc conversions
PCW guitar playing software
Holland Numerics
PCW disc conversion price list
Spares, ribbons, printers and disc conversion
Trade In Post
Buyers and sellers of secondhand PCW software
Office Land
Office supplies for the Amstrad PCW
UK Technical Support
Answers to common PCW questions
RC Computer Services
PCW disc conversions since 1985
Je Me Leve Software
A bit of a mystery this one
Stop Press
A fond look back at the old desktop publisher